Podcast Episode 0: We CAN Innovate, eh!

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Episode 0, provides an overview of what inspired me to start this podcast.  What pushed my buttons? What got me all fired up?

This is a 4 minute audio.. short and sweet that will also get you passionate about supporting our Canadian Innovators.

I would love to hear your thoughts & comments.  More importantly, if you know someone that is great and that should be on the podcast. Let me know! We want to feature them.  This is our podcast! Tooting the horn and supporting our Canadians that are trying to make a difference!

We also have launched a Facebook group, to build a community. To discuss/challenge and help each other become even more successful!

Here is to supporting and helping our Canadian Innovators achieve even more success!:) . Let’s show the world, that we CAN Innovate, eh!

Best Always,


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