E08: Going for the Gold with Anthony Lacavera

Anthony Lacavera discusses his new book, ‘How We Can Win’. He discusses how the technological change is about to disrupt a Canadian economy and outlines what Canada needs to do as a country to WIN!  It’s an enlightening discussion that definitely makes us all pause and think! Anthony shares his findings of how Canadians need to get ready to embrace the change and what we can do to be ready for the future. His book ‘How We Can Win’ provides great insights of how Canada can really start to go for the GOLD and not settle for the Bronze medal. How we as Canadians need to start to change our mindset. What all Canadians must do to ensure our future prosperity. 
Anthony Lacavera was the founder and former CEO of WIND Mobile (now known as Freedom mobile in Canada). Anthony Lacavera is currently the Chairman for Globalive Capital and the Author of How We Can Win. As a venture capitalist, Anthony has a significant stake in dozens of startups in Canada as well as the United States. As a mentor and investor, he is heavily involved in accelerators and incubators, including MaRS, Creative Destruction Lab (CDL), NEXT Canada and the DMZ at Ryerson University. Anthony has done business in more than thirty countries, ranging from producing plays on Broadway to raising almost CAD$2 billion in private capital. He is a regular television commentator and speaker on artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship and the telecommunications industry. Anthony is also the author of How We Can Win: and what happens to us and our country if we don’t” published by Penguin Random House Canada (October, 2017). He was educated at the University of Toronto.
In this episode, Anthony shares:
  • The WiND Mobile story and how he sold his company to Shaw Communications for $1.6 billion ($1.3B USD)
  • Why he calls the WiND mobile sale a failure
  • Tips on how Canada can win globally
  • Which industries to focus on
  • Entrepreneurial tips & lessons learned
  • And other little gems…
Anthony is a wealth of information and also shares a secret passion of his.. Episode 8, How We Can Win
Resources Mentioned: 
Courtesy of Penguin Random House Canada, we are giving away TWO copies of his book to our lucky listeners
How you can win a copy of Anthony Lacavera’s new book – ‘How We Can Win: and what happens to us and our country if we don’t’.  This contest is currently  open to everyone . The contest will go up on Thurs Nov 7th at 6pm EST and run for a week till Wed Dec 13th at midnight EST. We will notify the two winners and announce it on Thurs Dec 14th, 2017.  
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