E14: Turning Vision boards into financial reality with Rona Birenbaum, Co-founder of Viviplan

Rona Birenbaum, co-founder of Viviplan and the winner for the 2017 DMZ BMO FinTech Accelerator. She is also the founder of Caring for Clients, one of Canada’s first fee for service financial planning firms. She is also recognized as a wealth professional woman of influence in 2017. A financial columnist for the Medico Post.

Viviplan offers technology to help speed up the financial planning for every stage in life, from early career to early mid-life to pre-retirement, retirement and other goals.  Can turn those dreams, hopes and visions, into reality.  All you need is a little planning to achieve your life goals!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • You are the reflection of who you surround yourself with
  • How slow & steady wins the race
  • Conservative estimations in your business & life matters
  • Financial reflections are important at every stage of our lives from early career, early mid-life, pre-retirement and retirement
  • Design your future
  • Vision boards can become financial reality

Tools and Media Mentioned:


Viviplan is a business built to serve a very particular need. To deliver affordable, high-quality and trustworthy financial planning to Canadians

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