CanInnovate Podcast

Hi, Welcome to CanInnovate! The 1st ever podcast focused purely on Canadian Innovation.
This podcast is designed to highlight and showcase Canadian Innovation. Canada produces some of the brightest minds. Why am I doing this? What has me all fired up & passionate about this? A few things (Episode 0 goes into deeper details).
When I moved back to Canada, after being abroad for many years. I reached out to one of my mentors to catch up and to see what was happening across the ecosystem, and I was surprised to hear that my biggest mentors say … that there was NO Canadian Innovation.  My mission and vision is to prove my mentor wrong!
Well… I started to do some research & found that there are many amazing Canadian innovations, but was being seen globally as American. With the uncertainty with Brexit and other political factors, Canada is looking shiny and bright to partner with.  I have some friends overseas that were looking to partner with a Canadian firm, but was unable to identify them as Canadian companies. Some Canadians were not even sure which companies were Canadian innovative companies, then how do we support Canadian businesses?
So, my thesis is to prove my mentor wrong & any others that have this perception. That we do have Canadian Innovation…. WE CAN INNOVATE EH! I truly believe that education & awareness is instrumental in overcoming any obstacles & perception challenges both globally and locally in Canada.

So…. who is with me? You, me, and a cup of coffee each week

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I’m really looking forward to starting this journey with you. Chat soon!